Other Manufacturers

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Italian VW
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Vanwall Racer
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1954 Giordani Bullet Nose Studebaker

1933 Eureka
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1965 Tri-ang Jr. Grand Prix Racer
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1954 Tri-ang Model #80
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Tri-ang Model T-60
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Penny Taxi
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Car Bike
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Custom Indian

Rat Rod Stroller

1950's Broadway Sulkey Ciclo

Austin J-40

Austin J-40
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Austin J-40
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Midwest Industries late 1950's Studebacker Hawk

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Midwest Industries Aluminum Jeep

One of a kind Studebuggy jeep1.jpg (37603 bytes)

Custom Hamilton Jeep

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1950's Hamilton Jeep

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1950's Hamilton Jeep

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1950's Hamilton Jeep

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1947 - 1950 Sherwood Jeep

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1947 - 1950 Sherwood Jeep

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 Gym Dandy Buddy Buggy
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Gym Dandy Mid-size Surrey
1983 "86" model # 404 Ertl

1952 Small 60 Eska
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Buddy Buggy w/ Trailer

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All of this row are Gym-Dandy Universal Mfg. Co. Inc. toys. gym4.jpg (44040 bytes)

Irish Mail

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Fork Lift

1934 Packard Dual Cowl LeBarron  Fantasy Car 1999
Metalcraft Scamp wagon custom painted 1930's

Custom Tea Cup Tricycle 1930's

1930's Tricycle

1950's Tricycle

1950's Marx Ride on Tow Truck

1930's Irish Mail

1930's Irish Mail

1929 Sidway-Topliff

1930's Triang

1957 Corvette

Patterned after 1966 Batmobile

1935 Duesenburg SSJ


Hamilton Steel Products - It's believed the company was started in the early 1950's.  Hamilton produced wagons, scooter, garden carts, hand tools and children's automobiles.

Midwest Industries - In 1932, Theo Moll, Emil Jochum, & Erwin Gerhard founded Modern Tool& Die Company.  In 1953 a new division was created and was known as Midwest Industries.  The first Pedal Cars were produced in 1956 and only 3 versions were offered from a single stamping.

Gym-Dandy Universal Mfg. Co. Inc. - These items were made in Bossier City, LA.  in the early 1960's.