We provide a free estimate detailing all aspects of restoring your car.   The estimate is written only after we receive and perform a thorough evaluation of your pedal car. We will contact you prior to writing the estimate to discuss all aspects of the restoration process.  This ensures that the restoration is completed to your specifications. Once the estimate is completed it is e-mailed to you in PDF format for your approval and signature.  Once we receive the signed approval form with the required deposit we will schedule your restoration. 


What does restoration involve? What are the steps in the restoration process? These are common questions that we are asked by people interested in restoration. we'll try to provide you with a brief overview of the restoration process, but not to bore you with lots of details, while answering these questions.

We will start this by assuming that you have received our estimate and returned the approval form along with the required deposit. And it is now time for your pedal car to begin the restoration process.

The first step is to disassemble the car completely and during this step we reevaluate each part for damage and condition. The reason that we do this is, unless the car is completely disassembled at the time the estimate is written we can often miss a damaged part that was hidden in the assembly. The reason that we don’t automatically disassemble the car before we write the estimate is because, a customer may change their mind about restoration.  If so we can return the car to them in it’s original condition.  

The second step is to send the body off to be striped of the years of rust and dirt. If replacement parts are need they are ordered.   Any parts that require powder coating are sent out. 

After the car is stripped all the body work, which includes straighten/removing dents, finishing the damaged metal, welding any stress cracks or unwanted holes is completed.  The car is then put into primer. Once we have the powder coated parts back the whole car is dry fitted, (assembled).  This step insures that all of the new and powder coated parts fit and operate properly.  It is absolutely no fun to find out after your car is painted that the windshield will not fit without grinding the new plating off or scratching the new paint! 

Please remember that every part must be assembled to insure proper fit and function.

After the dry fitting process is completed, the car is disassembled and all parts that require chrome plating are sent out.  The next step is to rough sand the car and fix any other minor damage.  The car is then primed and then sanded for the last time. The car is painted inside and out, this is a two day process.  The last step is assembly.

Please understand that we did not list all details that are a part of the restoration process.  If you need more information please contact us and we will be more than happy to speak with you


“Preservation” Now that’s a term that is rarely used in the pedal car world.  Just what do we mean when we talk about preservation? Well, please let us try to answer that question and hopefully educate you on another type of restoration

We believe that not all pedal cars are candidates for restoration and some only need to have a through cleaning and minor repair to be as valuable as any restored car. This process starts with an evaluation of your pedal car to determine if it is a candidate for preservation.

The next step is to disassemble the car and thoroughly clean every part without damaging the original patina and only replace the parts that are damage beyond repair. This mainly deals with the mounting hardware i.e.; nuts, bolts, washers & cotter pins. Once all of the parts have been cleaned the car is then reassembled using as much of the original hardware as possible.

This whole process is designed to keep the car, as close to its original condition and equipment as possible. This process will increase the beauty and value of your pedal car.

A more advanced step of preservation that we offer is to repair paint blemishes by the use of an airbrush.  For this process we enlist our airbrush wizard Larry Vela.  Larry will color match and blend these areas to the point that they are hardly visible.  Due to the expense we only recommend this for cars with minimal paint loss.

 If you would like further details please contact us and we’ll be more than happy to discuss this process in more detail.